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Awareness of contactless mobile payments more than doubles in just 12 months

May 30, 2013

Awareness of contactless mobile payment points and symbols amongst consumers has more than doubled from in just twelve months according to the latest Mobile Payment Index results from eDigitalResearch.

Spending via mobile NFC technology has also grown in the past twelve months. In May 2012, results indicated that contactless mobile payment users were, on average, spending roughly $10 per transaction. However, this figure has now increased to nearly $40 as confidence in technology steadily grows.

The Mobile Payment Index also found that 82% of previous contactless mobile payment users said that they would use the technology again in the next six months, suggesting that repeat use is high. Additionally, of those that haven’t yet tried using their mobile to make a contactless payment, over half said that they intend to within the near future, again signaling a potential surge in uptake by consumers in the coming months.

Gemalto, a provider of digital technology solutions, recently published its findings in a street survey conducted in populous city of Dubai which also revealed a growing desire for contactless and mobile payment technologies.

The Gemalto survey revealed the vast majority of respondents – 87% – recognize contactless payment as a way to streamline everyday activities by shortening waiting queues at the tills when shopping or commuting.

eDigitalResearch suggests that, whether a user of contactless payments or not, awareness surrounding the technology is on the rise. And as brands and businesses, such as Samsung, Starbucks and KFC, as well as handset manufacturers begin to invest in the technology, awareness amongst consumers will continue to grow.

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