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Globalplatform Welcomes SBA Technologies as a Full Member


SBA Technologies, a leading provider of security solutions for internet, cellular and wireless applications, has joined GlobalPlatform as a Full Member. The move demonstrates the company's commitment to proven and interoperable technical standards as a means of supporting next-generation mobile commerce solutions.

As a Full Member, SBA Technologies will be able to play an active role in the leadership of GlobalPlatform and in the development of its technology. The company will have heavily weighted voting privileges and can put forward one representative for consideration to be elected to the Board of Directors, and candidates for consideration as technical committee chairs. In addition, SBA Technologies is entitled to participate on each technical committee as well as GlobalPlatform's Advisory Council and Mobile and Government Task Forces.

Dr. Raghavan Kunigahalli, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of SBA Technologies, says: "SBA Technologies' decision to join GlobalPlatform stems from our strong recognition that an open infrastructure is the most effective way to address the flexibility, security and scalability challenges facing mobile commerce deployments".

Kevin Gillick, Executive Director of GlobalPlatform, comments: "By aligning with its many partners, GlobalPlatform is developing technology to facilitate new business opportunities and relationships between the mobile sector and other markets. SBA Technologies' decision to join as a Full Member highlights its support of GlobalPlatform's efforts to create a sustainable contactless mobile services ecosystem that will not only reach its full potential but also provide robust security".

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