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RealSmart unveils the U-CARD KEY in Beijing

Jun 11,2012

RealSmart is proudly announced the new RFID product U-CARD KEY in 2012 Beijing smart card, RFID and IOT Exhibition & Conference. It's the 1st show in China domestic market after we successfully launched it in Paris CARTES 2011.

U-CARD KEY= Mini Contactless Card + USB Flash Memory ! U-CARD KEY is a multi-functional Mini smart card and RFID tag, can be widely used in any field instead of prevailing contactless CR80 cards. For example, it's an ideal public transportation card, also deployed with 2G,4G or 8G USB Flash drive. Meanwhile, it's a lovely and fashion ornament for young generation instead of regular plastic cards.

On 28 May, Shanghai Public transportation company officially released the new version of transportation card, it's U-CARD KEY! The default USB flash memory is 4G, RFID chip is from FuDan Microelectronics' CPU card chip. Market has a very positive and encouraging results after user's trail.

A Small Tag, the Big Market! It's a highly outstanding offer to your customer, which also will create more marketing power to you. Now we are looking for regional sales partner to introduce such excellent new staff to your customers. For details, please contact us anytime

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