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Product Model:RFID-UHF ALN-9715
Chip:Higgs® -3 IC
Suface material:Paper/PET
Antenna Dimension:27*9.7mm


Alien Technology manufactures a range of EPC Gen 2 inlays designed to deliver optimal performance in a variety of applications. All Alien inlays are World Tag compliant, enabling operation in global range (840-960MHz).

2.Product Introduction

The Alien Technology® ALN-9715 “Glint” RFID inlay is designed for use in jewelry and cosmetic applications where the tag may be in close proximity to small metal or metallic coated objects

Feature Description Benefit

Small form factor, non-near field read tag

Despite its diminutive size (27 x 9.7mm), this tag uses conventional long range UHF antenna unlike many other competitive tag solutions.

Offers read/write distances in the order of feet/meters unlike other competitive tags that are near-field and only read an inch or two.

Tuned for metal and cosmetics

Designed to be in close proximity to metal or metallic surfaces.

Uses the metal surfaces to “amplify” the read/write distance of the tag.

Next generation Higgs™ 4 features and performance

A mass-market optimized tag with class leading read and write performance. Supports pre-encoded MCS serialization and Aliens Blast Write

Rapid programming of serialized tags and excellent read/write performance



  • Jewelry tagging
  • Cosmetics
  • Use with small metallic objects
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