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Product Model:RFID-UHF ALN-9762
Chip:Higgs® -3 IC
Suface material:Paper/PET
Antenna Dimension:70*17mm


Alien Technology manufactures a range of EPC Gen 2 inlays designed to deliver optimal performance in a variety of applications. All Alien inlays are World Tag compliant, enabling operation in global range (840-960MHz).

2.Product Introduction

The Alien Technology® ALN-9762 “Short” RFID inlay is a narrow, high-performance, Higgs™ 4 based member of the Squiggle® family. Brings all the Higgs™ 4 advantages to highly-effective “Short” Inlay.

Feature Description Benefit

Next generation Higgs™ 4 read/write performance in the highly-efficient “Short” Squiggle family tag Inlay

One of Aliens best performing general-purpose tags boosted by Higgs™ 4 performance and features.

Highly efficient smaller form-factor tag, still robust, proven and reliable.

Optimized 448 bit memory footprint

Optimized for both high-performance and high-volume applications

Designed to drive down the cost-of-ownership while increasing efficiencies of RFID solutions in large enterprises



  • Warehouse Management
  • Tracking Challenging Materials and Objects
  • Volume Retail/Apparel
  • Enterprise Wide Asset Management
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