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The LRI64 is a contactless memory, powered by an externally transmitted radio wave. It contains a 120-bit non-volatile memory. The memory is organized as 15 blocks of 8 bits, of which 7 blocks are accessible as Write-Once Read-Many (WORM) memory.

The LRI64 is accessed using a 13.56 MHz carrier wave. Incoming data are demodulated from the received Amplitude Shift Keying (ASK) signal, 10% modulated. The data are transferred from the reader to the LRI64 at 26 Kbit/s, using the “1-out-of-4” pulse encoding mode.

Feature Summary

  • ISO 15693 Compliant
  • ISO 18000-3 Mode 1 compliant
  • 13.56 MHz ±7 kHz carrier frequency
  • Supported data transfer to the LRI64:10% ASK modulation using “1-out-of-4” pulse position coding (26 Kbit/s)
  • Supported data transfer from the LRI64: Load modulation using Manchester coding with 423 kHz single sub-carrier in fast data rate (26 Kbit/s)
  • Internal tuning capacitor (21 pF, 28.5 pF,97 pF)
  • 7 × 8 bits WORM user area
  • 64-bit Unique Identifier (UID)
  • Read Block and Write Block Commands (8-bit
  • 7 ms Programming time (typical)
  • More than 40-year data retention
  • Electrical Article Surveillance capable(software controlled)
  • Packages– ECOPACK® (RoHS compliant)


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