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The LRIS2K is a contactless memory powered by the received carrier electromagnetic wave, which follows the ISO 15693 recommendation for radio frequency power and signal interface. It is a 2048-bit electrically erasable programmable memory (EEPROM). The memory is organized as 64 blocks of 32 bits. The LRIS2K is accessed via the 13.56 MHz carrier electromagnetic wave on which incoming data are demodulated from the received signal amplitude modulation (ASK: amplitude shift keying). The received ASK wave is 10% or 100% modulated with a data rate of 1.6 Kbit/s using the 1/256 pulse coding mode or a Data rate of 26 Kbit/s using the 1/4 pulse coding mode.

Outgoing data are generated by the LRIS2K load variation using Manchester coding with one or two subcarrier frequencies at 423 KHz and 484 kHz. Data are transferred from the LRIS2K at 6.6 Kbit/s in low data rate mode and 26 Kbit/s high data rate mode. The LRIS2K supports the 53 Kbit/s in high data rate mode in one subcarrier frequency at 423 kHz.

The LRIS2K also features a unique 32-bit multi-password protection scheme.

Feature Summary

  • ISO 15693 standard fully compliant
  • ISO 18000-3 Mode 1 standard fully compliant
  • 13.56 MHz ±7 kHz carrier frequency
  • To tag: 10% or 100% ASK modulation using 1/4 (26 Kbit/s) or 1/256 (1.6 Kbit/s) pulse position coding
  • From tag: load modulation using Manchester coding with 423 kHz and 484 kHz subcarriers in low (6.6 Kbit/s) or high (26 Kbit/s) data rate mode. Supports the 53 Kbit/s data rate with Fast commands
  • Internal tuning capacitor (21 pF, 28.5 pF, 97 pF)
  • 1 000 000 Erase/Write cycles (minimum)
  • 40 year data retention (minimum)
  • 2048 bits EEPROM with Block Lock feature
  • 64-bit unique identifier (UID)
  • Electrical article surveillance capable (software controlled)
  • Kill function
  • Multi-password protection
  • Read & write(Block of 32 bits)
  • 6 ms programming time
  • Packages
    • ECOPACK®(RoHS compliant)




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