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Product Model:RS-UA01
Suface material:Paper/PET
Label Size :36*28mm

1.Product Introduction

The Anti-Metastasis fragile electronic label is based on transferable antenna, combined with special materials and packaging technology design and manufacture of special RFID tags. The products using our own label untorn fragile patent technology, different from ordinary electronic label products,combined with the RFID techology and an anti-counterfeit label for paper; the characteristics of real achieved the effect of "A tear is destroyed". More used in tobacco,alcohol, drugs, cosmetics, and the goods such as auto parts and anti-counterfeiting.The product appearance and logo printing can be customized according to customer's requirements.


  • Product size: 36*28mm
  • Chip: ALIEN H3
  • Antenna Material: Al
  • Surface Material: Brittle Paper
  • Frequency: 860-960MHz
  • Read and Write Performance: Depending on the type of chip, Size specifications, reader power etc.
  • Operation Temperature: -25℃~+75℃
  • Storage Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

3.Application overview:

Using special adhesive can effectively prevent the secondary Heat Transfer. Own technology of high precision etching antennas, is better than printed antenna with good preformance, high consistency, and high yield of process. Stick that is used, the characteristics of a tear is destoryed can effectively prevent the label is the full transfer, recycling.

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