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Real.ID Proximmity Cards


Proximity/LF 125KHz cards are widely used in access control and ID recognition fields.

LF Card in 0.80-0.95mm thickness and poor flatness are regular features in market. Big headache for perfect ID printing!    

Current tech doesn’t allow to produce LF cards under 0.80mm with super-flat surface!

Thanks to revolutionary tech and innovations, Real.ID proximity card is now coming with missions to make a change of super-flat & ultra-thin!

Apply the extra anti-counterfeit foils is possible now! Make customer happy and different!

Real.ID is the new generation 125KHz RFID cards family!
Real.ID presents the highest quality & best performance!
Real.ID proximity card means Super-flat & Ultra-thin finishes!


  1. 0.70mm or lower thickness with no printing marks.
  2. Better physical bending & torsion performance
  3. Mature production technologies, higher throughout

Technical Data :

Card Dimension A.85.6 x 54 x 0.76±0.02mm
B.85.6 x 54 x 0.70±0.01mm
C.85.6 x 54 x 0.60±0.01mm
Optional thickness possible to be discussed
Frequency 125KHz standard, 134.2KHz on request
IC options Supports HID Proximity, Indala, EM4100/4200 Unique, Casi Rusco, AWID, Keri Systems, Q5, Serura Key and etc.
Chip Data Storage 320 bits
Electronic Function Read/Write
Antenna Cooper winding coils
Reading Distance 9~11.5cm(depends on reader)
Card Material PVC, PET, others on request
Card Finishing Fine Glossy (Default).  Matt on request.
Flatness makes none-marks on printing
Slot Punch Marks Printed on vertical and horizonal card edges!







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