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ST25TA Series NFC Tags


The ST25TA series (formerly known as SRTAG series) provides an NFC Forum tag type 4 RF interface and supports the NFC data exchange format (NDEF). This enables NFC use cases such as NFC tag, NFC token, NFC smart poster, NFC business card (Virtual card). It can be used in a wide variety of applications, including consumer electronics, computer peripherals, gaming, home appliances, industrial automation and healthcare products.


  • NFC forum tag type 4 based on ISO14443-A RF interface
  • EEPROM memory density from 512-bit to 64-Kbit with built-in NDEF message support
  • 20-bit events counter with anti-tearing
  • Data protection with 128-bit password in Read and Write access 
  • Optional user-programmable digital output (Field detect, Write In Progress, RF busy,…)

ST25TA Series NFC Tags

Part Number Contactless RF Interface User Memory Capacity (b) Security Features (Reader and contactless memory) Password protection Operating Range Distance (m) typ Info
ST25TA02K ISO14443-A 2048 Password Protection 128-bit 0.1 Detail
ST25TA64K ISO14443-A 65536 Password Protection 128-bit 0.1 Detail
ST25TA16K ISO14443-A 16384 Password Protection 128-bit 0.1 Detail
ST25TA512 ISO14443-A 512 Password Protection 128-bit 0.1 Detail



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