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Super Mini Tag


This industrial grade Super Mini Tag is specially designed for specific RFID application with mini size and outstanding  RF performance, can be fixed or  embedded into some product’s’ case, housing or stuff.

Shipping can be in form of Individual Tag, Stripped Tags with tape laminated’ or Tags in Reel.


Product Spec :

Tag Dimension 13.3 x 13.6 mm(specific dimension on request)
Tag Thickness 0.50±0.03mm  (depends on request)
Operation Temperature Operation Temperature
RF Frequency / Protocol 13.56 MHz / ISO 15693
RFID Chip NXP ICODE SLIX-S, or any HF Series on request
Chip Spec User Memory 1280 bits, others refer to chip datasheet
RFID Antenna Ni,Au plated
Substrate Material Epoxy Glass Tape in web form
Optional Request Serial or sequential numbers printed on tag
Shipping Form 1) Individual Tag
2) Strip Tags in perforated & covered with double-sided tape
   adhesive on side of antenna substrate
3) Reel Tag

RFID Applicationsare variable. Super Mini Tag will bring us more?

Jewelry Retail Management Asset Life Span Management




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