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Super-thin Card & Inlay


Pre-laminated Inlay has a trend of getting thinner & super flat,which is essential to produce top quality card with features of flat surface & less thickness.

Possible to make off-set printing directly with pre-laminated inlay sheet? Yes Now!

Possible to get pre-laminated sheet inlay over 0.20mm as you wished thickness? Yes Now!

Possible to apply additional material for anti-counterfeiter or other application? Yes NOW!

RealSmart Tech is now proudly introducing you Super Thin & Flat Sheet Inlay ,which is under mass-production and patented technologies.

Any layout,thickness,HF Chips will be easily coming to support your growth! No doubts,it's finest sheet inlay in world market!

Brief Specification

Sheet Size /Layout

Max. 600 x 460 mm / 3x8, 5x5, 6x8 ,7x8 etc


  • Over 0.28mm for offset printing directly
  • 0.24, 0.28, 0.30, 0.36±0.03mm customized for card make

Chip Type

HF (NXP Mifare,ICode,NTAG series, ST, Infineon, EM or any brand)

Operating Frequency

13.56MHz Reader Standard (ISO14443/15693/NFC etc)

Storage Temperature

0℃ ~ +50℃


Copper embedded wire antenna, patented module and manufacturing tech with material PVC sheet

Shipping Form Options

Sheet Inlay

Sheet Inlay Coated, for digital print (Indigo, MGI)

Set Package: Sheet Inlay + Coated PVC Sheet for digital printing (Indigo, MGI, Konica-Minolta )


          • Ultra-thin thickness, suitable to make super-thin & ultra-flat card
          • Super-flat surface, allow to make off-set or even digital printing
          • Better physical performance of bending & torsion
          • Mature production technologies, high throughout

Quality Guarantee:

  • 100% function tested. Each UID will be captured and recorded
  • Possible to provide UID data along with shipping for better management
  • 100% sheet inlay’s dimension measurement & visual inspection
  • Strict production management & QC process control according to ISO standards
  • Proven quality level for global customers. Widely using in Europe, Japan etc market.

Welcome your inquiry for sample preview or sample making & qualification!

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Tel: +86 21 6432 6941