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RealSmart has established long-term ,stable cooperation relationship with those famous chip suppliers like ‘NXP, INFINEON, EM, ATMEL, ISSI, INSIDE, TI, ST, LEGIC and Chinese IC suppliers such as ‘Huahong, Fudan etc. We can provide you cost-effective and wide-range chips for your easy purchase. One Stop Service is our highlight.
  • Various smart card chip supply
  • Large inventory & quick delivery
  • Competitive price & reliable quality
  • Welcome Customization
  • Professional tech support
  • Flexible pricing strategy
  • A new partnership from China

Contact Memory Chip:

>> Contactless Card Chip

Contact memory chip is still prevailing now in market. RealSmart is very good at this business as well. Working with these original IC suppliers, we become official distributors of Huahong, Fudan etc. So finding us, that means you can get most chips easily… RealSmart can support you well from the beginning of R&D process, even to your mass production! For you, save time and money!

Here are some prevailing models:

Supplier Chip Type Memory Size Module Info
Infineon SLE4442 256 Byte 6 Contact Details
Infineon SLE5542 256 Byte 6 Contact Details
Infineon SLE4428 1K Byte 6 Contact Details
Infineon SLE5528 1K Byte 6 Contact Details
Infineon SLE4406 112 bit 6 contact Details
Infineon SLE6636 221 bit 6 contact Details
SHC SHC2242 256 Byte 6 Contact Details
SHC SHC2248 1K Byte 8 Contact Details
Fudan FM4442 256 Byte 6 Contact Details
Fudan FM4428 1K Byte 8 Contact Details
Atmel AT24C02 2K Bit 8 Contact Details
Atmel AT24C04 4K Bit 8 Contact Details
Atmel AT24C08 8K Bit 8 Contact Details
Atmel AT24C64 64K Bit 8 Contact Details
Atmel AT24C128 128K Bit 8 Contact Details
... ... ... ... ...

We also provide the services as following:

  • Provide free chip/card samples during your R&D period. Also we possess a professional tech team who can help you anytime if you need!
  • For most of the chips, we haven’t the MOQ limit. So it’s very convenient for your testing period. No need to stock large quantity chips just at beginning of a project!
  • For some common chips, we usually have large inventory. So when you need urgently, we can send out very soon in order to support you getting more opportunities!
  • Concerning the delivery, our logistic depart is also very professional! But in case there is some accident during the delivery, we’ll try our best to deal with ASAP in order not to delay your project!
  • Chip customization is also our strongpoint! Maybe sometimes you need special product, just tell us, we’ll support you well!

Tel: +86 21 6432 6941