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RFID Inlays


RFID Inlays can be used in contactless card and RFID label mass production. RealSmart is a qualified Inlays manufacturer in China, who has complete automatic facilities. We are offering highly cost-effective and high quality Inlays semi-product to global customers. Various shape & dimension are available.

In order to reduce cost and enhance competence, more and more foreign card vendors & manufacturers are moving their production capacity or plants to China. Outsourcing semi-product of contactless card, RFID and even un-personalized smart card in China is a certain trend now!

RealSmart can offer the following types inlays in high quality and fast delivery.

Dry/Wet Inlay


Tag-it™ HF-I Plus Inlays


Ultra-thin proximity Inlay

RFID Sheet Inlay

Dual Interface Card Inlays

Super-thin Inlays


Ultra-thin Sheet Inlay





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Tel: +86 21 6432 6941


Tel: +86 21 6432 6941