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RFID Paper Card/Ticket


RFID tickets are increasingly being employed for authentication and access control in transportation and other environments, improving efficiency and convenience while helping to quickly and safely process high volumes of travellers or visitors.

Typical Applications:

  • Mass transportation
  • Access control
  • ID and authentication
  • Events,e.g. ski-ticketing, stadiums, concerts, amusement parks
Ultra-thin Card


  • Ticket options:single, fan-fold(Leporello), on roll
  • Disposable one-way and durable multi-use tickets
  • Blank, printed(single side, double sided)
  • Design flexbility
  • Better resistance to bending and distortion
  • Higher throughout but lower cost









Technical Data:

  • Supported standards:ISO 15693, ISO 14443A/B
  • Etched Al inlays with direct chip bonding to avoid module bumps on ticket surface
  • Materials: paper, thermal direct paper, PET, others on request
  • RFID chips from NXP, Infineon, EM, Inside , others on request
  • Encoding and personalization services


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