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RFID Product

Super Mini Tag:

This industrial grade Super Mini Tag is specially designed for specific RFID application with mini size and outstanding RF performance, can be fixed or embedded into some product's case, housing or stuff.


RFID Keyfob:

The AB series RFID Keyfob tag It is a more convienient and fashion solution for the access control staff identification applications. They are made of durable ABS or PC material. The housing is finished by Ultrasonic plastic welding, which makes the keyfob water and dust proof. To provide more value added product, the keychain are fully supported on the Logo printing, laser engrave, and number printing.

RFID Wristband:

125 KHz & 13.56 MHz Passive RIFD wristbands,and bracelets in a variety of colour and styles for short to medium range RFID applications. RFID Re-usable wristband that is a good solution for the RFID access controland membership expenditure management and especially suitable for the amusement park.

RFID Seal:

RealSmart can provide ISO 17712 high security RFID seals(RFID E-Seal). We offer you the know how, expertise and consultancy in order to take the right decisions.

The tradition seal just has some words and numbers on the seal. It can be copied and doesn't have any secure structure. It is very easy to tamper and you can't find out that the tradition seal was tampered by thief.

RFID On- Metal Tag:

RFID technology provides simplicity for Logistics,Identification, Assets Tracking,Inventory Management, even in e-Payment, Eticket etc.,with a low cost RFID hard tag. With the advance of UHF technology , it is become more prosperity in applications in aviation, healthcare,retail apparel, supply Chain, even in emerging technologies.

Anti-Counterfeit Label :

The Anti-Metastasis fragile electronic label is based on transferable antenna, combined with special materials and packaging technology design and manufacture of special RFID tags. The products using our own label untorn fragile patent technology, different from ordinary electronic label products,combined with the RFID techology and an anti-counterfeit label for paper; the characteristics of real achieved the effect of "A tear is destroyed".

RFID Playing Cards :

RFID playing card is embedded with a RFID chip and can be detected by professional readers or smart phones. These high quality plastic playing cards’ look, feel and play just like normal playing cards. We can’ provide two kinds of thickness 0.29mm and 0.36mm for your choice.

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